Robin, Painting
  • Robin, Painting
  • Robin, Painting
  • Robin, Painting
  • Robin, Painting

Robin, Painting

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At some point in my life, I've encountered an experience that has touched something deep within me. Not in an "Oh, that's cute" sense that fades after a day or so. It was more like a bomb went off in my head, and there was a "Holy s***, I am a different person from now" moment.

That's how I started painting birds!

This cute puffy robin often kept me company in my garden. I painted this bird at the exact moment when he bends his head, checking if I filled a bird feeder.

The brushstrokes and use of oil paint convey the texture and movement of the bird, inviting the viewer to experience the same sense of wonder and awe that I felt in that moment.

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Robin, 2022
by M.Alikoviene
10 x 10 cm
Signed on the front, signed & titled on the back.


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10x10 ㎝
Oil on canvas board
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