Original Oil Painting, Still Waters
  • Original Oil Painting, Still Waters
  • Original Oil Painting, Still Waters

Original Oil Painting, Still Waters

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This oil painting depicts two cranes standing gracefully in a still body of water. The painting is primarily composed of light blue and white hues, with soft light yellow tones added for depth and texture.

The cranes themselves are rendered in intricate detail, with their long legs towards each other in misty water with a soft touch of golden light. The water around them is painted with soft, flowing strokes, creating the illusion of gentle ripples and movement.

The overall effect of the painting is one of tranquillity and serenity, capturing a moment of calm in the midst of the natural world. The layering and blending techniques used in creating the piece add depth and texture, creating a three-dimensional effect that draws the viewer in.

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Still Waters, 2023
Medium: Oil on canvas board
Technique: Layering and blending
Size: 40 cm by 30 cm


Data sheet

Oil on canvas board
H 40 x W 30
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